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AGC first European glass producer to earn Cradle to Cradle label

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AGC Glass Europe has been working for years to develop environmentally friendly solutions. These efforts were recently rewarded with the Cradle to Cradle label for float glass and magnetron coatings, making AGC the first and only European glass producer to receive this honour.

Cradle to Cradle (C2C) is a concept in which waste and by-products act as raw materials for a new product. In other words, raw materials are continuously being used and reused. It is the brainchild of German chemist Michael Braungart and American architect William McDonough, who together developed a programme called MBDC (McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry), in which they challenge everyone to design products more intelligently and in doing so make optimal use of production processes that make a positive contribution to the environment. The concept is broader than recycling and focuses not on reducing consumption but on sustainable development.

This dovetails seamlessly with the way AGC works. AGC products are made from widely available raw materials, such as sand, soda and dolomite. In addition, AGC incorporates 25 to 31% recycled glass into the production of float glass as standard. The benefit of using recycled cullet is that it melts at lower temperatures than raw materials, thus requiring less energy and causing fewer emissions. Any waste products left after recycling are processed - sometimes directly, sometimes after other treatments (such as removing metal).

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The C2C concept combines perfectly with AGC's policy on corporate social responsibility (CSR), otherwise known as the people-planet-profit approach. Accordingly, AGC has had its environmental and safety management systems certified compliant with ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, and the company works continually to improve its performance in this area. The Cradle to Cradle label is further evidence that AGC is committed to protecting the planet.


AGC Glass Europe, a European leader in flat glass

Based in Brussels, AGC Glass Europe produces and processes flat glass for the construction industry (external glazing and indoor decorative glass), the automotive industry, solar applications and various specialist industries. It is the European branch of AGC Glass, the world’s leading producer of flat glass.

Its baseline “Glass Unlimited” reflects the possibilities offered by:

  • glass as a material to meet a growing variety of needs (comfort, energy control, health & safety, aesthetics);
  • innovation in products and processes, derived from sustained research in advanced glass technology;
  • industrial facilities comprising more than 100 production, processing and distribution facilities throughout Europe, from Spain to Russia;
  • a worldwide marketing network;
  • the resources of its personnel motivated by operational excellence and innovation. AGC Glass Europe currently employs some 13,000 people.
For further information, see www.agc-glass.eu (corporate site), www.yourglass.com (glass for the building industry), www.agc-automotive.com (for the automotive industry) and www.agc-solar.com (for solar applications).

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