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Molded Fiber Glass rehires half of its laid-off workers

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Molded Fiber Glass NC, located on Reep Drive in Morganton, has announced the recall of approximately one-half of the employees laid off earlier this year.

MFG is a tier-1 supplier to Damlier Trucks North America (Freightliner), and also supplies parts to Yamaha for their personal watercraft.

Molded Fiber Glass NC is a part of Molded Fiber Glass Companies that produce a wide range of products made from composite materials. The company has facilities in eleven states and Mexico.

Business conditions relative to the trucking industry, has slowed since early 2007, attributed to an EPA engine change coupled with rising diesel prices, and a general slowing of the economy.

"We are cautiously optimistic about sales in late 2008 and into 2009. Teammates in Morganton continue to find ways to control costs in a downturn until the economy recovers," said Joe Wilk, vice president and general manager. "And on a positive note, Morganton has managed to complete a year without a lost time accident and won Yamaha's highest supplier quality award for 2008," he added.

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