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Good prospects of glass safety film market in China

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Ordinary glass is very fragile, but after coated with a transparent safety film, it will be strengthened. The highest degree of safety film can resist consecutive 10 shootings of 0.38 American Standard bullet within three meters, and rebound the bullets, and can withstand the attack of a 2,500-pound giant bomb 50 meters away as well. It is estimated that safety film has an excellent market opportunity.

As the glass with a safety film will not be shattered even if it gets a bang, a lot of auto owners are lining up for the safety film.

Since 1990s, the safety film has been applied in European and American markets, for protecting auto glass and architectural glass. Many leading government officials use high-strength glass safety films in their vehicles, offices and so on. And in China, there are about 15 billion square meters of public buildings should be protected, and the data increases by 6%-10% every year.

Suppose that every year, more than 3 million new vehicles appear in the domestic market, there will be a huge market space for safety film. Together with the new buildings, prospects of safety film market will be extremely good.

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