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New Voltage Glass From Glasswerks, Inc. Hits the Market

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New From Glasswerks: Voltage Provides Privacy and Views in a Single Product

South Gate, CA (PRWEB) January 25, 2012

Voltage by Glasswerks, Inc., provide customers a way to have the best of both worlds. With the help of new design elements and state-of-the art technology, Voltage combines translucent privacy glass and clear windows into a single product. With the simple flip of a switch, the flat glass can be transformed from optical pellucidity to translucency. Ideal for any custom home or business setting, Voltage eliminates the need for blinds or window tint. When clear windows are wanted, leave Voltage in the ON position to enjoy breathtaking outdoor views. And when the white privacy glass is preferred, simply turn the switch OFF for a translucent view that still lets in natural light. Voltage glass can be used in place of any flat glass, and cut to fit custom dimensions.

How Does It Work?
Layers are bound between glass sheets to create an overall, sleek effect. Voltage glass technology consists of liquid crystal and thin PVB inter layers, which are combined between two layers of glass. Electricity is then used to activate the liquid crystal, which works to “fog” or “clear” the glass. This is made possible through a specific series of molecular patterns. When electricity is added, the molecules change formation, and the glass’s view is almost instantly transformed. To find out more about Voltage glass or to talk to a representative about getting your own, contact us today at Glasswerks, Inc. Visit Glasswerks.com or call 1-888-789-7810. Se habla Español.

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