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Winners from Kdyne delighted with the tour of the glass factory

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Vetropack Moravia Glass approached grade 2 primary school pupils and prepared a competition for these young ecologists as part of the Friends of Glass campaign which culminated in an excursion for the winner to the glass factory in Kyjov. The campaign was successfully promoted in 500 primary schools throughout the Czech Republic. Entire teams as well as individual participants had the chance to win the competition. Kdyně Primary School was the outright winner which had almost 200 participants entering the competition.The motivation of pupils was high as the winners could look forward to an excursion to the glass factory. Teachers were left with a difficult task of choosing pupils who would take part in the excursion as the entire school would have wanted to go. Finally the choice fell to the 4 best pupils from each 2nd grade class. A total of 44 pupils accompanied by 4 teachers participated in the excursion. The excursion participants had to get up early in the morning to travel to the other end of the country along a 450 km long route.However nobody minded. At the glass factory the guests were welcomed by three experienced guides, Messrs Kvarda, Drápal and Novák, who took the delighted group on a tour around the factory. The pupils had a unique opportunity to see where the unique container material is manufactured and extend their knowledge about glass. The inquisitive questions of the young ecologists were also proof that the pupils were impressed with the excursion. 22.06.2011, Vetropack Moravia Glass/vetropack.cz

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