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Raw materials shortage following earthquake in Japan affecting IG sealant

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Obtaining raw materials for IG sealant production is likely to become increasingly difficult due to the devastating earthquake in Japan, said officials of Italy´s Fenzi Group, in a June 7 release.Specifically, companies are finding it difficult to obtain supplies because of the stoppage of the Toray Thiokol production facility in Chiba. This facility supplies approximately 35 percent of worldwide demand for polysulphide polymer. Production of the polymer stopped on March 12 and is not likely to resume until July, according to the Fenzi release."Because of the very fact that it is becoming difficult to source various materials, the supply chain for other IG sealants is also feeling the pressure (polyurethane, butyl, silicone and hot-melt). Over the coming weeks, therefore, problems are likely to emerge with the sourcing of IG sealants, and for this very reason, the costs of the products will increase."Given this complicated situation, Fenzi´s priority is to guarantee supplies to its customers. A sales management policy has been put in place in order to ensure product availability to those who have been using Fenzi products for some time," the release states. 08.06.2011, Fenzi Group/glassmagazine.com

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