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Morgan Thermal Ceramics to Exhibit at AHR Expo 2012

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Morgan Thermal Ceramics announces that it will be showcasing its FireMaster® FastDoor™ and FastWrap® XL material for HVAC and grease ducts, along with its Superwool® Plus™ material for boilers, water heaters and boiler flues, at the AHR Expo 2012. The show will be held January 23-25, 2012, at McCormick Place North and South, in Chicago, IL, and Morgan Thermal Ceramics will be at Booth #3669.

FireMaster® FastWrap® XL is a flexible blanket composed of high temperature fibers classified for applications to 2192°F (1200°C) and is supplied fully encapsulated in durable glass fiber reinforced foil facing for easy handling and installation. FastWrap® XL is UL classified and ULC listed in various systems for one and two hour fire resistive enclosure protection, reduced clearance for exhaust ducts, electrical circuit protection, and as a component in various UL firestop designs for fire resistance rated floors, ceilings and walls.

The FireMaster® FastDoor™ XL duct access system for grease ducts provides a safe and easy way to gain access to kitchen ducts for cleaning and inspection. It is made up of a UL1978-tested and listed duct access door and an ASTM E2336-tested and listed enclosure cover plate. FireMaster® FastWrap® and FireMaster® FastDoor™ XL are used in a newly certified, space-saving UL-listed installation method for grease duct enclosures used in commercial construction.

“By using compression joints rather than overlap joints, this new UL-listed installation method results in space, labor, and material savings,” said Clay Booth, Morgan Thermal Ceramics’ Fire Protection Market, Sales Manager. “The space savings are estimated at 33% over the existing method, which is a real benefit in commercial construction projects.”

Also on display is Superwool® Plus™ material for boilers, water and pool heaters, and chimney and boiler flues.  Superwool® Plus™ is up to 17% more energy efficient than traditional Refractory Ceramic Fiber (RCF) and any other Alkaline Earth Silicate (AES) insulations. Superwool® Plus™ enables users to increase manufacturing process efficiencies and make significant cost savings associated with energy usage.

A breakthrough in the company’s advanced manufacturing control has allowed the product to be engineered to maximize the fiber content and as a result, it has significantly lower thermal conductivity and enhanced energy saving properties with much improved handleability.

Superwool® Plus™ is a low biopersistent fiber with no workplace environmental control concerns. It meets the criteria for exoneration from classification and labeling regulation in Europe under Nota Q of Directive 67/548/EEC.

For further information, please contact:

Kristin Nugent, Tel: 617-367-0100 ext. 148
Email: kristin.nugent@mgr1.com
Wendy Evans, Tel: +1 706 796 4200
Email:  wendy.evans@morganplc.com  

About Morgan Thermal Ceramics

Morgan Thermal Ceramics is a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced heat insulation products which are used to help reduce energy consumption in a range of industrial processes, from iron and steel production to power generation, and specialized structural fire protection. Key products include Superwool®, the leading low bio-persistent insulating fiber, insulating firebricks (IFBs) and a range of monolithic materials.  The business employs some 3,000 people in more than 50 locations worldwide, with manufacturing sites in 25 countries.

Morgan Thermal Ceramics is a business within the Morgan Ceramics Division of The Morgan Crucible Company plc. Morgan Crucible is an advanced materials company that provides technically complex, bespoke solutions to its customers, enabling them to address global trends such as energy demand, healthcare and environmental sustainability. It has a world leading position in its target niche markets within sectors that include power generation, petrochemical, medical, aerospace and defense. Morgan Crucible has operations in more than 50 countries, including a significant and fast growing presence in the dynamic growth economies of the world such as China, India and Brazil. Its shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange and it is a member of the FTSE 250 index. Further information is available at www.morgancrucible.com.

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