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New and Colour-Coded Polishing Wheels from ARTIFEX

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At the forthcoming Glasstec Exhibition in Düsseldorf, ARTIFEX will present the next generation of the well-proven AO-Q product range. Introduced to the market with the name “AO-BQ” the range comprises a foamed-polyurethane base matrix, homogeneously impregnated with abrasive grits and polishing agents.

This range was developed for use on straight-line and double-edger machines, for edge finishing of all types of flat glass. Research and development of bonding Q was driven by a fundamental principle: “theory is important, but practice is decisive.”

The grit size of the polishing wheels is now colour-coded, ranging from blue (coarsest) to yellow (finest) to facilitate fast and easy wheel replacement.

Bonding BQ advantages in operation include optimum grain adhesion, long working life and high profile stability, resulting in excellent surface finishes at low working pressures. These characteristics are particularly useful when finishing laminated safety glass on straight-line edgers. This process is often adversely affected by small particles of the plastic lamination film, which break away and then clog both diamond and polishing wheels. To avoid this problem, ARTIFEX has developed ‘segmented’ polishing wheels, which eliminate the clogging problem by flushing out the laminate residues through the combination of the wheel design and coolant flow. Bonding BQ segmented wheels are also recommended for thick float glass (19 & 25mm) where the wheel design also reduces heat generation in operation.

The ARTIFEX Bonding BQ range is available in cup wheel form on a support plate or in complete material and with continuous or segmented bands. For machine designs where the mounting spindle uses counterbores, ARTIFEX recommends cup wheels on epoxy-resin mounting plates, as the resin plate itself gives greater stability and strength in operation.

Unmistakable colours!

The new product range is available in grits AO 40 BQ 6 (blue), AO 60 BQ 6 (green), AO 80 BQ 6 (red) and AO 120 BQ 6 (yellow). By colour coding the various tools, confusion in grit selection is eliminated.

As well as their standard range, ARTIFEX also develop bespoke solutions for machinery manufacturers aimed at meeting the requirements of the customer and their specific surface-finishing demands. This close cooperation ensures the highest level of product development and production, resulting in optimisation of manufacturing process for all parties – or in other words the common goal.

ARTIFEX at the Glasstec Show 2008 in Düsseldorf 21st – 25th October:

Hall 15, Stand 15H33.

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