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Amiran®, from Schott glass, is a versatile anti-reflective glass ideal for applications such as shop windows, showrooms or panorama restaurants. Amiran is up to 90% less reflective than standard glass, even when curved or shaped, and offers unbeatable weather resistance and easy clean properties.

Amiran is an optical interference anti-reflective glass that has been dip-coated using a specialist method developed by Schott. Amiran not only reduces residual reflections to less than 1%, the mainly metal oxidic layers applied to the glass also increase light transmittance to 98%. As a result, Amiran provides an amazing transparency, and also reduces the artificial lighting needed inside a building. The specialist dipcoating also ensures exceptional resistance to weather and scratches and its smooth surface ensures it can be easily cleaned.

James Wilson, Marketing Services Manager from Schott, says “Amiran is virtually invisible. It is especially suited to applications where the level of light outside differs dramatically from that inside a building, for example shop windows where, with conventional glass on a bright sunny day, it is often hard to see the objects inside due to reflections.”

“Panorama restaurants suffer the same problem at night, when reflections from the brightly lit interior obstruct the view to the outside. With Amiran®, reflections in both cases are kept to a minimum, providing a considerably enhanced view. Photographs can even be taken without glare through the glass.”

Amiran is available in large sizes and to different specifications such as white glass, clear or tinted float glass or fire retardant glass. Amiran can also be processed into different forms of safety, laminated, insulated or curved glass as easily as conventional glass. It can also be used seamlessly alongside standard glass, as there is no colour differentiation.

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