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Bürkle presents its Multi-Opening Laminator Ypsator

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The German plant manufacturer Robert Bürkle presents a word novelty on the 23rd European Photovoltaic Conference: The Ypsator® is a multi-opening laminator for the manufacture of crystalline solar modules and thin film modules.

The Swabian machine manufacturer presents its hightech development on the largest solar power congress in the world in Valencia, taking place from 1st to 5th September. The experts for everything that is laminated or pressed have transferred their long-term compentence from the wood, electronic and credit card sector to the plants with which the solar companies manufacture photovoltaic modules. Photovoltaic modules are laminated on the Ypsator®.

It not only shines in each production hall due to its signal colour yellow, but it also shines thanks to its process. The eight multi-opening lines of Bürkle that will be delivered until the end of the year, are the first worldwide that produce photovoltaic modules on several openings, whereas only 50 per cent of the cycle time of the normal processes is required. On a surface of, for ex. 3,5 square meters per level and 5 openings, the customers of the solar sector can produce ten photovoltaic modules per batch at the same time. The annual total capacity is with approx. 550000 modules. The advantages of the Ypsator® to the conventional single-opening laminators are within the process guiding and process reproducibility. Due to the structure and the homogeneous temperature distribution that can be reached through the heating of the heating platens via thermal oil, the process times are essentially reduced.

Useful width – standard: 2890 x 1220mm
2200 x 1700mm, openings: 4-10

The Ypsolar® Technology is also new: The lamination process is separated in order to create the processes more flexible, to increase the same and to reduce the cycle time. In the first step, the modules are prelaminated. This means that the moisture and air pockets are removed from the sandwich in a vaccum and that a vacuum-tight compound is created. Then the process is interrupted and, in a second step, lamination is finished in a subsequent press. In the third step, the „Cooling“, the Ypsator® cools down the solar module from 150 °C to hand warmth. The structure of the three lamination steps allow a very stress-reduced lamination which reduces last - but not least - also the glass breakage.

The term Ypsator® was developed by the name developer Manfred Gotta, the father of the madeup words Twingo and Cayenne. The industrial designer Jürgen Schmid designed the covering in yellow and grey.

The information desk of Bürkle is located in hall 3, booth number D52.

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