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Haoruijia glass heat insulating coating attracts close attention

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(China Glass Network) In the guideline of “building a conserving society and developing a circular economy”, a new standard is made to formulate that a new building shall save no less than 50% of energy resources.

The traditional way for heat insulation of door/window glass in China is to use heat-insulating film, heat-reflecting film and Low-E glass. However, with weak light transmittance, easily causing light pollution and unreasonable high price, those products are very hard to become universal. So, an energy-saving product, which can be used in ordinary single-glass for heat insulation in summer and heat preservation in winter, is greatly demanded to better solve the problem in energy saving of door/window.

Haoruijia transparent heat insulating nano coating

In the end of 2006, Shenzhen Taxun Technology Co., Ltd. brought in “Haoruijia” glass energy-saving coating, which can be directly painted on ordinary architectural glass and auto glass. The coating has a good effect in heat insulation and preservation, with visible light transmittance 80% and UV isolation rate over 95%. It also has 4-5H of hardness and 15-20 years of service life, and costs 1/2 price of Low-E glass. The coating is the first choice for the energy saving of building door/window and the reconstruction of old buildings.

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