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Bestech Australia introduce CT glass infrared thermometer

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CT glass infrared thermometer

Bestech Australia  presented the optris CT glass, a precise non-contact glass temperature measurement device. The temperature measurement device is designed for accurate glass temperature measurements on flat glass lines, container glass machines, in the bulb manufacturing, car glass finishing and the production of solar panels from a range of 100°C to 1650°C.

In the case of container glass manufacture, gob temperature must be measured to observe the ratio between glass viscosity and gob weight. It is important to measure mould temperature to balance the cooling levels of mould shells. The optris CT glass temperature measurement system would be ideal for this application.

The two lasers on the optris CT glass infrared thermometer mark the real spot location and spot size from 1mm at any distance, with a response time of 80ms. This is useful in modern applications where size matters. Temperature measurements are accurate down to ±1°C, with a repeatability of ±0.5°C. The measuring wave length of 5.2µm provides a low depth of penetration for the infrared measurement, making sure that the temperature is measured at the correct location.

This glass thermometer is usable at up to 85°C ambient temperature, without the need for cooling. However, cooling and protection accessories are available for harsher environmental conditions. A robust yet compact stainless steel sensor head is adaptable to common industrial mountings.

The intuitive CompactConnect software allows for easy sensor setup and remote controlling, as well as displaying temperature trends graphically and automatic data logging for analysis and documentation with 1ms response time. Necessary adjustments can be made for a range of functions, allowing the customisation of the infrared thermometer for the user’s needs. The optris CT glass infrared thermometer device is available in Australia and New Zealand from Bestech Australia.

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