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Sunny Views – Innovations for Perfectly Optimized Glass Processing

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During the 23rd European Solar Energy Conference held in Valencia, Spain, September 1 – 5, 2008, ISRA VISION presented its extensive portfolio of surface inspection systems for solar glass. For the thin-film technology, which helps to save raw material and energy, several customized solutions for optical inspection systems were shown. The solutions and methods shown attracted a high level of interest and good feedback from customers. One focus point: the new “EDGESTAR” sensor, which allows for all round safely checking of glass edges at a glance – even within drilled orifices.

Fully monitored and simultaneously entirely automated processes are important factors for the machining and processing of glass sheets. This applies especially to the quality control of the glass edges. For the solar industry, for instance, the substrate edge is a decisive determinant for the quality of the subsequently completed module – particularly in the area of thin-film technology. With systems available to date, essential defects are detected in practice only under certain marginal conditions, or not at all. The new sensor head EDGESTAR lends a helping hand. Read

EDGESTAR facilitates a comprehensive, safe, and cost-effective inspection of all glass edges – even at the inner edges of drilled holes as, for instance, in case of cable feed-through. Due to its smart design it makes the all round acquisition of the glass edge possible at a glance, so defects previously “invisible” if looked at from one direction only, thus become apparent. The sensor produces high-definition images to permit the glass edge to be analyzed. To scan the entire glass edge, the tough sensor can be mounted at the existing feeding device or directly on a robot arm.

New to the portfolio of high performance products for the photovoltaic and solar glass industry is the innovative inspection technology POWERSCAN, setting new standards in quality control and process optimization for industrial manufacturing. As the only system of its kind around the world, the fully automated visual in-line system inspects solar glass at every processing stage, both for defects in the surface, coating and at the edges. Glass defects such as bubbles, scratches and spots are readily identified. At the same time, the system is well-equipped to handle even XXL glass formats and all processing speeds.

ISRA products are the preferred choice when it comes to quality control and process optimization. Former innovations have become standards meanwhile for optical glass inspection. All inspection systems increase processing reliability, as well as productivity, and assure users a competitive advantage in the global market place.

For other recent innovations, for example in the area of float glass inspection (FLOATSCAN-Advanced II and …more?! ), the progress in camera-based 3D form inspection, or new additional tools for process optimization: see ISRA VISION at glasstec 2008, Düsseldorf, hall 15 / booth F33 – get more out of production with optical glass inspection.

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