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Inspection solutions for the whole production of solar cells and modules

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The VITRONIC image-processing system VINSPECsolar has been equipped with innovative processing and manufacturing novelties: Additional testing procedures can now be performed on solar cell modules with VITRONIC technology, and in this way the cycle of the manufacturing process has been completely closed. The processes are optimized by adding robot vision to the testing procedures. Now the different testing procedures are integrated in one system and save unnecessary handling and costs.

Family growth

In the area of the solar cells modules quality control, VITRONIC has introduced new products for various testing tasks and offers comprehensive quality control from the wafer to the finished module. So now, for example, the correct wiring can be tested for the first time and the process can be optimized.

See, grasp, test

With its image-processing system VINSPECsolar, VITRONIC goes further than other image-processing systems: In addition, quality testing is performed in the same processing step for fast and reliable type and position identification. As a result, the surface is inspected and tested for wholeness and presence, and the measurements are checked – all that simultaneously.

Two for one

Now it is possible to perform two quality tests with only one testing station. On the one hand, testing the wafer for micro-cracks and other imperfections inside the silicon, and on the other – testing the geometry, the presence of nicks and surface imperfections. In this way, valuable space in the production line is saved and the expenses for the acquisition of another system are completely discounted.

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