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ATI Adds P1 Chamber Capacity

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Architectural Testing, Inc. has added a P1 test chamber at its laboratory in St. Paul, Minn. The apparatus can simulate long-term exposure to extreme weather variations in an effort to estimate longevity in real-world usage. This method involves a constant exposure to specific temperatures, ultraviolet light and water spray. Insulating glass industry experts consider one week of P1 testing to be the equivalent of approximately one year in the field. Since its creation in the late 1970s, P1 test methodology has primarily been used in-house by manufacturers for internal research, development and quality control purposes, according to ATI.

“Although P1 methods have evolved over time, the need for this type of durability testing remains a must for IG manufacturers,” explains Dan Johnson, ATI director, regional operations. “Realizing this, and constantly striving to provide the most comprehensive testing in the marketplace, ATI decided to add P1 chamber capacity.”

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