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NBC invests in ultra glass bottles to reduce CO2 emissions

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Nigerian Bottling Company Plc (NBC) has explained reasons why it invested in a new glass bottles design called Ultra Glass bottles saying it’s to reduce carbon CO2 emissions for protection of the environment.

 “The bottles are now remarkably lighter and there is a significant reduction in the amount of raw glass materials used as well as the level of carbon (CO2) emission in their production,” said the Managing Director of NBC, Mr. Roland Ebelt.
According to him, compared with the old bottles, the new lightweight Ultra glass bottles for Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite have been expanded by 0.1mm in width and reduced by 13mm in height.

“They were developed using new design software that helps determine the stress points and optimum weight of a glass bottle. This allows technicians to create both the strongest and lightest viable design. The Ultra Glass technology uses a set of principles which can be used on all glass designs to improve performance and reduce the glass weight per bottle,” Ebelt said.

The NBC helmsman noted that earlier this year, Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company SA made a commitment to build 15 combined heat and power plants (CHPs) in 12 countries over the next two years.

 Combined Heat and Power ( CHP ) energy involves the use of natural gas to produce electricity while the heat generated is used to heat up the water for our bottle washers.  Our Ikeja Plant will be one of the first recipients of these power plants which will reduce our carbon emissions considerably, once in operation,” he stated.

The Company’s Commercial Director for the Northern Region, Mr. Funmi Alli was optimistic that the innovative ultra glass bottles will provide a strong lead to the current momentum for the food and drink sector to deliver major environmental and supply chain benefits that customers are increasingly demanding.

The Company, a member of the Coca-Cola Hellenic group,(an anchor bottling group made up of 28 countries with its head-office in Athens, Greece) is shedding the weight of its 350ml iconic Contour Bottle among others by over 20 percent

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