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Bob Lawrence Retires from Craftsman Fabricated Glass

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Bob Lawrence, longtime industry leader and president of Craftsman Fabricated Glass in Houston, announced his retirement in an Aug. 25 letter.

“The glass industry has been an important part of my life since 1968,” Lawrence said in the letter. “I extend my humble thanks for your support of our company, and for being an integral part of the Craftsman organization becoming something truly unique. It is more than just a glass fabrication plant.

“As a company, we've been blessed with an abundance of great employees, customers and vendors. This bred mutual respect and unshakable friendships that will outlast our time here,” Lawrence continued. “I am very proud for those that remain here to continue growing the company, and for those of you that contributed years ago and became successful in other avenues.”

In 2010, Cristacurva took a majority ownership position of Craftsman. “For the Craftsman team going forward, please join me in expressing best fortunes and plentiful energy under the Cristacurva banner,” Lawrence said in the letter.

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