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AAMA Grants Extension on Unexpired Product Certification

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The American Architectural Manufacturers Association released an interim procedural guide that will provide a documented, optional process to extend current, unexpired AAMA product certification to any edition of AAMA/WDMA(/CSA) 101/I.S.2(/A440), North American Fenestration Standard/Specification for windows, doors, and skylights for a period of two years for products that have had no changes. The procedural guide, "AAMA 106-13 Interim Procedural Guide for Extension of NAFS Certification," was effective as of May 1, 2013.“Over the past 10 years, testing and certification requirements have increased,” said MI Windows and Doors Mike DeSoto, co-chair of AAMA’s Certification Extension Review Task Group, in an AAMA release. “Allowing a streamlined method of extending certification on products that have not changed since the last test provides manufacturers with much needed relief."DeSoto adds that the resources saved by reducing the frequency of renewal testing can be used on "research and development, certifying new products and introducing product enhancements.”Under AAMA 106, manufacturers that choose to apply for product certification extensions must conduct a weekly thermoplastic corner weld test and a corner leak and drainage test, provide proper documentation, and pass regular on-site inspections, according to the release.The option to extend certification per the terms of AAMA 106 expires December 31, 2014, or sooner if superseded by other procedures authorized by AAMA’s Certification Policy Committee. Download AAMA 106-13 from AAMA’s Publication Store.

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