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NFRC Accredits First Laboratory for NFRC 202

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The National Fenestration Rating Councilhas accredited Architectural Testing Inc. of Fresno, Calif., as the first laboratory to test “NFRC 202: Procedure for Determining Translucent Fenestration Product Visible Transmittance at Normal Incidence.” NFRC approved this procedure in 2012. Architectural Testing's accreditation enables manufacturers of flat, diffusing products that were not able to test for visible light transmittance using simulation or a spectrophotometer to obtain a VT rating on a whole product, according to an NFRC release.

NFRC 202 was created for products such as translucent fiberglass or multicell plastic sandwich panels; translucent multicell profile plastic panels; glass panels with translucent insulation insert material between panes, all with or without grids; and translucent channel reinforcing profile glass, with or without translucent insulation material between the glass.

The NFRC 202 document details products that are not covered under its scope and provides manufacturers with information on sample requirements. Except where noted, this test method complies with ASTM E 972 and ASTM E 1084.Laboratories that would like to add this testing method to their scope of services should review the NFRC 202 and all applicable NFRC 701 documents. Contact Dennis Anderson, LAP manager, 240/821-9514, for details.

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