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Pleotint announces distribution agreement with Prelco

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Pleotint, LLC, has announced a distribution agreement with Prelco, Inc.that will enable the fabricator to incorporate Pleotint’s Suntuitive interlayer technology into its proprietary Prel-Shade thermochromic window offering. The agreement grants Prelco exclusive rights to market Prel-Shade windows with Suntuitive interlayer technology in eastern Canada, including Quebec, Ontario and the Maritime provinces, according to a release. Pleotint'sSuntuitive interlayer for laminated glass gradually darkens in response to rising temperatures caused by direct sunlight, then cools as the sun moves across the sky, returning to a clear, neutral state in cloudy or dark environmental conditions.

“The Canadian construction market has seen rising demand for heat and glare-control products,” said Bill Marchitello, Canadian sales director for Prelco, in the release. “Prel-Shade is an energy-efficient, easy-to-install alternative to other glazing products. The thermochromic glass technology offers a clear, unobstructed view that you can’t achieve with blinds or dark tints.”

“Our agreement with Prelco provides an opportunity to expand our distribution network while offering an ideal glazing solution for office buildings, schools, restaurants, and residential applications throughout eastern Canada,” addedPaul Ogburn, vice president of Pleotint.

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