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DuPont Cosmetic Solutions presents ‘Inspirations for 2009’ at Luxe Pack

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New design concepts and an innovative processing technology for cosmetic packaging with DuPont™ Surlyn®

Geneva (Switzerland), September 2008. Under its banner of ‘Inspirations for 2009’, DuPont Cosmetic Solutions will introduce new design concepts and technologies for cosmetic packaging at Luxe Pack 2008 (Monaco, 28-31 October 2008). Highlights of the DuPont exhibit (Hall Ravel, stand D), under the banner of ‘Inspirations for 2009’, will include some of the latest applications of DuPont™ Surlyn® in cream jars, bottle caps and multilayer bottles for leading brands in the cosmetic and personal care industry including present processing technologies for this extremely versatile material like injection moulding, extrusion blow moulding, injection blow moulding. Last but not least the company will reveal a Surlyn® based innovative processing technology, providing cosmetics packaging producers, brand owners and designers with the tools to develop containers, jars and pots with even more design freedom, defined transparency without the constraints of glass and new dimensions for decorative effects.

Surlyn® offers a unique combination of design freedom, glass-like clarity, functional performance, appealing tactile properties and ease of production. As a consequence the material continues to find recognition amongst leading brands from the world of fragrances and cosmetics as it enables them to create packaging with maximum design freedom and consumer appeal. The DuPont exhibit at Luxe Pack 2008 will include examples of some of the latest applications of Surlyn® for famous brands such as Bulgari, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Sarah Jessica Parker and Christina Aguilera. Beyond the company’s packaging polymers, DuPont will also display some of the latest developments for its related products for the cosmetic and personal care industry, including DuPont™ Tynex® filaments, DuPont™ Tyvek® Deco.

Reflecting its own commitment to supporting the journey toward sustainable packaging, DuPont will also feature some its sustainable solutions at Luxe Pack 2008. These include DuPont™ Biomax® PTT, launched earlier this year, which contains up to 35 percent renewably sourced content for packaging applications, without compromising performance versus petrochemical polymers. Biomax® PTT 1100 is especially suitable for use in injectionmolded containers, cosmetic packaging and other parts where polyesters are used. Biomax® PTT 1100 attributes include good gloss without varnishing, high stiffness, scratch and chemical resistance and colourability. It is not affected by exposure to common liquid formulas, has high tensile and yield strength, and is opaque to translucent in its natural state.

The sustainability theme also continues to feature in the long-running, independently judged DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation: the call for entries for the 21st DuPont Packaging Awards competition was announced at the Sustainable Packaging Forum in the US during September 2008. As with last year’s competition, entries (which will be accepted until February 13, 2009) will be judged on factors such as innovation, enhanced performance, responsible sourcing, clean production and effective recovery. Additional information and entry materials for the 21st DuPont Packaging Awards can be found at

DuPont Packaging and Industrial Polymers (plastics.dupont.com) is a world-class manufacturer of high-performance resins and films for a variety of packaging and industrial applications. Its best known ethylene copolymer products include Surlyn® resins for packaging and industrial applications, Bynel® coextrudable adhesives, Selar® PA amorphous polyamide barrier resins, Nucrel® acid copolymers, Elvax® EVA copolymers, Elvaloy®, Elvaloy AC®, Entira™) and Fusabond® modifiers, and Vamac® ethylene acrylic elastomers.

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