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New SolarWindow prototype one step closer to commercial viablity

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New Energy Technologies, Inc., announced Aug. 22 that researchers developing its SolarWindow technology--capable of generating electricity on see-through glass-- havecompleted a new working prototype. The prototype uses new electricity generating coatingsthat lead to increased transparency and enhanced color, attributes important to consumer acceptance of a commercially viable product.

"Improved transparency and color of our SolarWindow coatings allows for the development of a consumer-popular product which generates electricity on see-through glass while mimicking the aesthetic look of today's popular window tint and films," saidJohn Conklin, president and CEO, New Energy Technologies, Inc., ina company release."I'm most pleased that our researchers are not only working towards functionality, but an attractive SolarWindow as well."

Researchers developing SolarWindow have successfully coated the glass surface of a working lab-scale prototype with newly discovered, organic electricity-generating coatings comprised primarily of hydrogen and carbon. These new coatings favorably influence various electronic, electrochemical and optical properties of SolarWindow, essential to producing a highly transparent and aesthetically pleasing soft window tint and color, according to the release.

SolarWindow is currently under development for eventual commercial deployment in commercial buildings and homes.

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