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Google embraces solar skylight from EnFocus

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Google plans to install a high-tech skylight from EnFocus Engineering that features solar cells and optics to manage the flow of light at one of its Silicon Valley office buildings in September, according to a July 29 Reuters report.EnFocus Founder and President Jason Lu says Google will act as a test site for the EnFocus prototype technology.

EnFocus, based in Hayward, Calif., has created a solar panel containing dozens of optical modules with lenses that concentrate and direct sunlight onto slivers of solar cells underneath to produce electricity. The optical system further directs and diffuses sunlight so that it floods into the room uniformly and creates ambient light, Lu told Reuters.

Each 100-pound EnFocus solar panel measures 53 inches by 44 inches by 8 inches and can produce up to 288 watts of power, according to the Reuters article.

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