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NSG Group names Clemens Miller president of Building Products

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NSG Group has appointed Clemens Miller president of Building Products, succeeding Mark Lyons, now CFO for the Pilkington parent company. Among other responsibilities, Miller is charged with ensuring sustained growth for NSG Group across key emerging markets, while building on its existing position in more established markets, according to a July 20 company release.

According to the release, Miller believes NSG Group's glass products will become increasingly relevant in helping address the causes of climate change, and will form a key element of the strategy for growth he sees across Building Products.

"Irrespective of whether it's driven through government policy or consumers wanting to save money on their energy bills, the energy efficiency of our buildings is now firmly on the agenda," Miller said in the release. "NSG Group plays a key role in delivering on this agenda, by offering a comprehensive range of glass products specifically designed to enhance thermal performance of buildings new and old alike."

Miller also highlights the contribution glass products can make in generating energy: "Our high performance glass ranges are a key component of the solar panels being used to generate renewable energy all over the world. With solar subsidies becoming more widely available as governments recognize their value in shifting to greener energy generation, the market for solar products is likely to grow dramatically over the coming years, and the NSG Group is well placed to meet this demand in all markets."

“We are delighted to welcome Clemens to the Board of directors of NSG Group," said Craig Naylor, president and CEO of NSG Group, in the release."His extensive experience in the glass industry makes him the perfect candidate, and we look forward to seeing the fruits of his labor as more of our customers in markets across the globe invest in NSG Group products to achieve their sustainability goals.”

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