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Platinum Systems for LCD Fusion-Overflow© and LCD Float®

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The German company EGLASSTREK Patent Promotion & Awarding GmbH was established in 1980 and is specialized in the engineering and construction of patent protected “Direct Heated Platinum Equipments©” which are used in the glass industry. Since that time EGLASSTREK is offering platinum systems for all kind of glass-processes including LCD Fusion-Overflow© and LCD FLOAT®.

In the last years, now well proven Platinum Technology for LCD–TFT furnace has been installed in shape of Platinum Rod and Plates Electrodes and Furnace Drains as well as Overflow Drains. The special emphasis lay on EGLASSTREK´s completely closed to the atmosphere Finer, which prevents platinum inclusions in the TFT substrate Glass. 

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The field of high tech electronic glasses zircon cords caused by refractory material of the furnace and its corrosion by the glass composition, are very harmful for the production of TFT substrate glass, so in continuation of our successful work EGLASSTREK is offering since 1988 platinum systems for thin sheet glass using double Stirring Equipment.

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The highlight of our proven overflow equipment, which we have under Patent Pending, is the by electricity directly heated Bowl, Downcomer Pipe and Platinum Muffle Pipe to Trough. This equipment has shown that is works for the newest LCD glass composition.

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