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Construction employment falls in 27 states and D.C.

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Construction employment decreased in 27 states and the District of Columbia between February and March, while 33 states lost construction jobs during the past 12 months, the Associated General Contractors of America reported in an analysis of state employment data released by the Labor Department. Association officials said the data show that construction remains gripped in a depression that merits urgent corrective actions at federal and state levels.

The largest monthly percentage losses occurred in Maine (-4.7 percent, -1,200 jobs); followed by Connecticut (-3.0 percent, -1,600 jobs); Idaho (-2.9 percent, -900 jobs); and Louisiana (-2.8 percent, -3,500 jobs). The largest number of construction job losses over the month were in California (-4,300 jobs, -0.7 percent); Louisiana; Florida (-3,200 jobs, -1.0 percent); and Pennsylvania (-2,800 jobs, -1.2 percent).

Nineteen states added jobs during the month and four (Indiana, Iowa, Hawaii and New Hampshire) held steady. Oklahoma had the largest one-month percentage increase in employment (5.6 percent, 3,600 jobs), followed by Arkansas (5.3 percent, 2,400 jobs); North Dakota (4.8 percent, 1,000 jobs); and Missouri (4.2 percent, 4,200 jobs). Missouri added the most construction jobs between February and March, followed by Oklahoma, Arkansas and Alabama (2,300 jobs, 2.7 percent), according to an April 19 AGC of America release.

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