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DOC imposes countervailing, anti-dumping duties on Chinese aluminum extrusions

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On March 29, the Department of Commerce imposed countervailing duties of 8.02 percent and 374.15 percent on aluminum extrusion products from China after determining Chinese extruders had an unfair competitive advantage due to government subsidies. The DOC also imposed anti-dumping duties of between 32.79 percent and 33.28 percent on Chinese aluminum extrusion imports after concluding Chinese companies were selling these products in the United States at below normal prices.

In an investigation that began in the spring of 2010, DOC officials determined that 29 Chinese companies dumped some $500 million worth of extruded aluminum products into the U.S. market last year, according to a March 29 AFP report. The Chinese exported their aluminum extrusions to the United States at roughly 33 percent less than their fair value.

However, the DOC announcement does not guarantee the duties will go into effect. The International Trade Commission will have to determine that the U.S. producers of aluminum extrusions were hurt by Chinese dumping practices. At press time, the ITC trade panel was expected to announce its ruling on or before May 12.

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