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Glass Alliance exhibits at Gulf Glass

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The Glass Alliance products received a warm welcome at Gulf Glass, March 7-9, in Abu Dhabi, according to a March 31 release. The Glass Alliance international network, comprising Fenzi, Italy, Alu-Pro, Italy,and Rolltech, Denmark, markets and distributes elements needed to produce I.G. systems. The Middle Eastern market, recovering as the rest of the world from a slowdown in investments because of the worldwide crisis, has good growth prospects for the coming years. This market showed a particularly strong interest in Chromatech Ultra’s warm-edge technology, a steel and polycarbonate spacer developed by Rolltech for high-performance I.G. units. This technology is durable and stable, and essential to optimize the buildings’ energy efficiency.

The products showcased at the fair by Glass Alliance - aluminum Alu-Pro spacers, eco-friendly Fenzi sealants, warm-edge Rolltech spacers, paints for mirrors and decorative paints for Fenzi glass – effectively meet the needs of a market increasingly aware of the issues related to environmental sustainability as well as safety and health, key themes of the 2011 Gulf Glass show. In fact, in the Middle East, the construction sector, whose annual growth rate was estimated at around 20 percentfrom 2010 to 2013, will also benefit from the many hi-tech architectural projects in the works in the coming years. These projects are characterized by flawless design and refined materials.

Thanks to the technological performance of the products, in terms of strength and compatibility with the environment, the Glass Alliance network will be a key player in the growth of the local glass industry expected to come about in the next few years.

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