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Pythagoras Solar to install pilot solar windows in Willis Tower

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Pythagoras Solar, San Mateo, Calif., a provider of transparent, energy-efficient windows that also generate solar power, will collaborate on a pilot project to help deliver renewable energy and energy efficiency improvement goals on Willis Tower, formerly Sears Tower. The project, deployed in November last year on the south facing windows of the Willis Tower's 56th floor, uses a building integrated photovoltaic solution that has the potential to expand to a surface area allowing over two megawatts of solar power generation. Willis Tower provides an example of how sustainable modernization endeavors are about more than reducing carbon emissions but also about re-investing in the local economy. Willis Tower is exploring innovative solutions that are directly re-investing in Chicago's new green economy. In addition, this project will illustrate one possible best practice for how to decrease the impact of the built environment on climate change, for easy duplication in other similar structures, according to a March 21 PR Newswire report.

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