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Pilkington’s Low-E 4th Surface Technology improves thermal performance

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Pilkington, Toledo, Ohio,introduces Low-E 4thSurface Technology, which allows a double-glazed IGU to achieve 12 percentimproved thermal performance over a triple-pane IGU, according to a Feb. 3 release.The 12 percentimprovement is achieved when comparing the U-Factor of the following glazing combinations: 1/8-inch Pilkington Energy Advantage outer lite (#2 surface) with a ?-inch air space; 1/8-inch Pilkington Energy Advantage inner lite (#4 surface); compared to a triple pane window with three 1/8-inch lites of standard clear and two 1/2” air spaces.

Adding a pyrolytic Low-E coating to the #4 surface reflects infrared heat back into the home, reducing the amount of radiant heat loss through the glass. Infrared heat is room heat generated inside a building at or near room temperature.

In cold weather conditions, a low-E coating on the #2 surface inhibits room heat from transferring across the air space toward the outside.By adding a second low-E coating to the #4 surface, the thermal insulation is further improved.Applying two pyrolytic Low-E lites in an IGU reduces the center-of-glass U-Factor by 45 percent, compared to an IGU with two panes of standard clear, according to the release.

Visit the Pilkington Sun Management and Thermal Stress Calculators for information on Low-E 4th Surface Technology.

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