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XeroCoat(R) Industry-Leading Anti-Reflective Coating Technology Receives Patent Grants

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REDWOOD CITY, CA -- 10/07/08 -- XeroCoat, Inc., a venture-backed Silicon Valley company in the solar energy industry, today announced that the company has received notice of issuance of three separate patents for its method of production and morphology control of silica and silica-like films. Initial patent grants have been received from Singapore and Australia. Additional patent grants from the United States, Europe, Japan, China, Canada, India, Mexico, and New Zealand are anticipated over the next 18 months. The issuance of these three patents is a significant milestone for the company in its endeavor to provide cost-effective, anti-reflective coatings to the photovoltaic industry. Solar module manufacturers will soon be able to license XeroCoat's anti-reflective coating technology and integrate it into their module manufacturing process, thereby achieving both supply chain savings and increased module efficiency. The XeroCoat anti-reflective coating technology has application to the entire range of solar energy technologies, including crystalline and thin-film photovoltaics, concentrating photovoltaics, and solar thermal.

"XeroCoat's patents mark the first significant breakthrough in decades in the field of anti-reflective coatings," stated Dr. Michael Harvey, CTO at XeroCoat, and the inventor of the XeroCoat technology. "For our customers, quality is as important as cost and module efficiency. By licensing our patented technology and integrating it into their manufacturing process, solar module makers now have a no-compromise anti-reflective coating solution where they have control over the quality, cost, and energy efficiency."

Targeting the solar thermal and photovoltaic segments, XeroCoat's anti-reflective coating technology significantly increases conversion efficiency and, consequently, the power output of solar systems in a cost-effective manner. The combination of a single-layer optical coating and graded low-refractive index enables XeroCoat's anti-reflective coating to achieve the highest attainable optical performance for any type of solar cover glass. Utilizing XeroCoat's coating, solar module makers can expect a 3% increase in power output on a peak watt basis and a 4% increase in energy produced on a kWhr basis. Unlike other anti-reflective technologies, for example, that require a high-temperature sintering process to form a porous silica structure, XeroCoat's patented technology utilizes a single layer coating step followed by a low-temperature curing process that integrates directly into the module manufacturing process.

"The roadmap for solar photovoltaics shows that reducing the cost of the solar module is of paramount importance," stated Tom Hood, president and CEO at XeroCoat. "Solar module manufacturers can now confidently deploy the patented XeroCoat technology themselves and benefit from a two-fold advantage: an increase in revenue and an increase in energy efficiency, while protecting their competitive advantage. With our strong emphasis on research and development in the field of anti-reflective coatings, we believe that XeroCoat is well-positioned to become a preferred partner to solar module manufacturers worldwide."

XeroCoat executives will be available at Solar Power International 2008, October 13-16 to meet with customers and potential partners. For more information contact Beth McAllister, Vice President, Business Development at

About XeroCoat

XeroCoat is a venture-funded Silicon Valley company that designs and manufactures a high-performing anti-reflective coating for solar energy systems. XeroCoat's innovative technology delivers greater solar energy affordability today by decreasing manufacturing costs for solar module makers and increasing energy returns for solar system owners. Founded in Queensland, Australia and headquartered in Redwood City, California, XeroCoat has an international team of world-class optical materials and solar energy scientists and engineers who are focused on continuous innovation of coatings for the solar energy industry. For more information, visit

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