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GlassExpo (Glass and modern technologies) - 8th International Exhibition

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In the period from December, 10 - 12, 2008 in Moscow National United Council of Glass Industry Enterprizes «StekloSouz» with support of Ministry of Industry and Energy and Federal Agency of building and housing and communal services, under patronage of Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Russian Union of industrialists and entrepreneurs will hold in Moscow in All-Russian Exhibition Centre the 8th International Exhibition

Thematic sectors

1. Glass manufacturing and processing
Polished, window, shop-window, sheet glass, mirrors
Glass containers. Machines and equipment for glass containers production
Tempered, reinforced, bulletproof glass, triplex
Toned, reflex, K-glass, E-glass
Glass blocks
Glass-based construction materials
Silicate blocks, liquid glass
Glass fiber, fiber glass fabrics, glass fibre plastics
Machines, engineering tools and equipment for glass production and processing
Raw materials, semi-finished products
Support equipment, instruments, materials
Packing materials, machines, equipment and products
Insulating glass
Glass ceramic products
Toner and shockproof films
Refractory materials and products. Refractory technologies and manufacture
Instruments for glass processing. Diamond instrument
Equipment for collecting and processing of glass wastes

2. Application of glass in construction, industry, transport and household
Windows. Doors. Fronts. Winter gardens.
Various types of glazing and translucent constructions
Mirrors, showcases, stained glass windows, mirrors, colored glass
Glass furniture and trade equipment
Automobile glass
Glass containers
Medical glass
Flint glass and optical fiber
Household glass, cut glass
Perfumery glass
Electron-tube, illuminating, light-signal, signal glass
Television tubes, quartz, laser, holographic glass
Accessories, jewelry glass, souvenirs, Christmas tree decorations
Enames, paints, glues, sealing materials, varnishes, emulsions
Chemical means

3. Infrastructure for glassware production
Specialized glass industry editions
Resource-saving technologies
Ecology and recycling of wastes
Working clothes, protection of labour
Vacancy : Building, assembly

Source: United National Council of Glass Industry EnterpriAuthor: shangyi

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