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Southwall Technologies, Dow Corning Corp. launch energy-efficient products

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Southwall Technologies Inc., Palo Alto, Calif.,and Dow Corning Corp., Midland, Mich.,today announced the availability of energy-efficient Heat Mirror “S” film and 982FS two-part structural silicone sealant for commercial building projects in North America, according to a Nov. 9 release. Having successfully worked together over the past three decades, the two companies are now combining the best of their suspended film and silicone sealant technologies to provide the industry’s lightest weight and most energy-efficient multicavity insulating glass available for large glass-intensive projects.With the combined solution, architects and window manufacturers can now increase energy savings by up to 30 percent, block more than 99 percent of UV radiation and reduce sound transmission by up to 20 percent over dual-pane glass.

Southwall Technologies suspends one or more of its energy-saving Heat Mirror films inside of an insulating glass unit to create two or more super-insulating cavities – enabling high performance glass that is 33 percent lighter than typical triple-pane solutions.Based upon an advanced thin film coating, which is fully compatible with Dow Corning 982FS two-part structural silicone sealant and Dow Corning 982-H Curing Agent, Heat Mirror “S” film delivers superior performance as compared to traditional dual-pane glass.

“Until now, there has not been a viable super-insulating glass solution in North America for large-scale, structural glazing projects,” said Dennis Capovilla, president and chief executive officer, Southwall Technologies, in the release. “Dow Corning’s two-part silicone sealant provides a solution and opens up North America’s commercial building market to our industry-proven Heat Mirror technology.”

Dow Corning 982FS and Dow Corning 982-H Curing Agent is designed for use as a secondary sealant in dual-sealed insulating glass units. Dow Corning has the only approved silicone sealants that can be used as a secondary edge seal in multiple pane insulating glass units with Southwall Heat Mirror “S” series commercial construction product.Curing to form a durable, long-lasting and flexible silicone seal that is chemically stable, 982FS creates a weather-tight bond and offers excellent unprimed adhesion to glass. The silicone insulating glass sealant’s unique weatherability enables it to retain design properties even after years of exposure, ultimately enhancing commercial buildings’ durability levels and structural capabilities.

“Having worked with Southwall for many years, we are excited to join forces yet again to offer this energy-saving solution to the North American market,” said Ron Fillmore, vice president construction, Dow Corning, in the release. “Structural sealant glazing has quickly grown to account for one-third of all commercial glazing. Leveraging Southwall Technologies’ innovative Heat Mirror “S” technology and our proven silicone sealant, we look forward to driving this market and enabling customers to develop some of the most breathtaking, energy-efficient and durable structures in North America.”

Southwall Technologies and Dow Corning will showcase this solution at Greenbuild 2010 in Chicago, Nov. 17-19, booth number 1139.

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