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Glass manufacturer attacks government policy

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The Director General of the British Glass Manufacturers Confederation says the Government is to blame for the slump in manufacturing.

In a letter to the press, David Workman expressed “a view from the manufacturing sector” to redress the balance of how the industry's importance is viewed in the economy.

“For too long, we have been regarded – unfairly – by governments in London and Brussels as being a "smoke stack relic from the past” which is better off being off-shored to the emerging economies,” he stated.

“What needs to be understood is that one of the major reasons so many manufacturing jobs have been lost over recent years is that government, through its actions (or inaction in the case of energy policy), is itself responsible for creating the conditions which are increasingly making UK manufacturing uncompetitive with the rest of the world.”

Workman stated that the “prospect of auctioning for allowances under phase 111 of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme with a potential annual cost of £100m by 2020”, as well as the additional ‘pass through’ costs “of achieving the UK's Renewables Obligation targets”, would be felt most by manufacturing industries such as glass.

While government neglect of such sectors “may have had some validity when the financial services and retail sectors were growing and creating jobs,” Workman argued that “a series of measures” was now essential “to ensure that these sectors not only remain active in the UK but are allowed to grow without further penalty.”

Source: Exec Digital UKAuthor: shangyi

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