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The world’s first float microcrystalline material line in Jingniu Group

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On September 28, a float microcrystalline material line was successfully put into production in China Jingniu Group. Astronautic fire-rated microcrystalline plate materials produced by the line is glittering and translucent. The material will not expand from the heat, contract from the cold or conduct electricity and heat, but can conduct magnetism and resist a temperature from 100 degrees below zero to 1000 degrees.

Since the launch of microcrystalline material, countries have invested a large amount of scientific research budget, however, only a few companies from USA, Japan, Germany and China have owned the process of rolling line. For the rolled microcrystalline materials still need to be processed, which costs a high added charge. So, in order to avoid the waste, companies have researched for about 20 years.

After 5 years’ preparation, Jingniu Group regards the float microcrystalline project as the No. 1 technological project of 2008. With the joint effort of all staff, Jingniu Group succeed in building the float microcrystalline material line, which pushes the company to the top of the world’s new material technology. Its appearance will be bound to impact and change the world.

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