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Energy efficiency to drive new technology, says Glaston president and CEO

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Glaston, Finland, hosted a press meeting, Sept. 29, during glasstec, Sept. 28-Oct. 1, at the Dusseldorf fairgrounds in Germany.

“We’ve seen a difficult time in the past two years,” said Arto Metsanen, president and CEO, Glaston. Going forward, “the world faces two major challenges: energy challenge and climate challenge. By 2050, 9 billion people in the world will use twice as much energy as in 2006. And the world will see a warming of 1.1 degree Centigrade to 6.4 degrees C by 2100.” Climate change is considered the biggest political and economic challenge, he said.

The main drivers of new technology in the next few years will be: a global energy efficiency boom; renewable energy and the rapidly growing solar energy segment; rapidly increasing demand for super low-E glass; and quality consciousness, Metsanen said.

“What are we going to do about this demand for low-E glass?” Metsanen asked.

Looking at the demands ahead, Glaston made several introductions at glasstec: iControl automation; the FC 500 temperate line; the RC 200 temperate line; iLook online quality measurement; Glaston Bavelloni Silver and Golden stocks; the 2011 versions of ALFAK, ALCIB and ALCIM software solutions; and the Beneq-Glaston TFC 2000 TCO coating line.

In regards to energy savings, "the trend is for higher optimization," saidGunter Befort, senior vice president, Software Solutions, Glaston. "Fight the waste, and automate processes. We analyze product portfolio and machine systems for our customers, and provide high material flow solutions. A company in Germany saved energy by 45 percent by using our highly integrated production system.”

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