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DoS approves ATI as forced entry and ballistic resistance testing facility

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Architectural Testing Inc., York, Pa.,is the latest of three U.S. laboratories to be approved by the U.S. Department of State as a test facility for determining Forced Entry and Ballistic Resistance performance of building envelope components and systems, and the only such facility in the eastern part of the country (the two other labs being in Oregon and California), according to a Sept. 8 release. The FE/BR testing service joins other security testing services offered by ATI’s Security Research Center, which includes testing for blast resistance, ballistic resistance (according to ASTM F1233, UL 752, and H.P White TP.0500) as well as the DOS requirements.

The DOS Bureau of Diplomatic Security requires testing of building envelope components and systems to protect overseas facilities such as embassies. These components are tested by DOS-approved testing facilities according to DOS Certification Standard SD-STD-01.01.

The tests must be witnessed by DOS personnel. Then, ATI provides a test report for each tested system and, depending on results, the DOS Physical Security Division issues a certification letter to the manufacturer.

Ballistic Resistance is tested by firing rounds of 5.56 millimeters and 7.62 mm (.223 and .308 caliber) ammunition at the test subjects using an automated system that duplicates military rifle performance, according to the release. In addition, if the subject includes any passages (such as pass-through transaction devices, or "deal trays"), it is subjected to 12-gauge #4 buckshot shells from a shotgun. Any penetration of a witness panel set up behind the test subject by any portion of the bullet or by shrapnel from the test subject is cause to reject the design.

Forced Entry testing consists of a "Concentrated Assault Test," performed by a team of (as specified in the DOS standard) "muscular test personnel in good health between the ages of 18 and 34 years," weighing between 160 and 250 pounds and armed with a specified array of sledgehammers, crowbars, axes, chisels and other tools to attack the fenestration test subject from the outside surface with all their might. Test specimens are rated according to their ability to withstand five, 15 or 60 minutes of continual attack. Any failure of the mounting hardware or penetration of any portion of the subject sufficient to permit passage of a 12-inch-by-12-inch-by-8-inch object within the target rating time period is cause for rejection.

Forced Entry and Ballistic Resistance of Structural Systems, Rev. G (Revised) sets forth the requirements and testing procedures for the mandatory certification of FE/BR performance of systems intended for use in DOS facilities in certain threat environments throughout the world, according to the release.

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