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VDMA, machinery suppliers to focus on cost-efficient production at glasstec and solarpeq 2010

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German glass machinery customers can look forward to discovering innovative concepts at glasstec and solarpeq 2010, Sept. 28-Oct. 1, in Düsseldorf, Germany. Information on the latest machinery trends and technology will be available at the VDMA symposia "Energy-Efficient Production, Technologies, Products" and "Multi-Functional Solar Products: Technologies-Products-Applications," as well as inthe German equipment manufacturers' booths.

The events will focus on energy and cost-saving potential in batch preparation and melting, bending glass, and the production of new glass applications such as vacuum insulation glass, multi-functional window and fa?ade systems, and solar glass.

The "Energy-Efficient Production, Technologies, Products" symposium will take place Wednesday, Sept. 29, from 10 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. The "Multi-Functional Solar Products: Technologies – Products – Applications" seminar will be held Friday, Oct. 1, from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Bothevents will beinside the "glass technology live" exhibition area and will address glass producers, architects and designers.

On the show floor, visitors will be able totake a practical look at batch heating as the key to energy savings. Zippe Industrieanlagen GmbH, for instance, will present its new second generation of energy-saving batch pre-heaters in Hall 13/A31.

Grenzebach GmbHwill focus onthe window of the future and how it can be made in Hall 15/B42. Specifically, it will feature the VIG window panes made of float glass and tempered single-layer safety glass, as well as the new VIG-ISO window pane, which consists of a normal and a coated float glass lite. Since VIG window panes match the R value of well insulated exterior walls, they can achieve the thermal insulation values required by the EU in 2012 with the adoption of the Energy Saving Regulation, according to a release. The first VIG production lines are expected to go into operation in 2012.

The Hegla-Group will showcase systems for automatic defect detection in flat glass cutting in Hall 15/D25 and D26. The systems automatically remove individual defective sheets from the manufacturing process, reducing the quantity of clippings and waste, which is a major cost factor, especially for solar glass. They also minimize wear on tools in downstream treatment and finishing lines. Hegla will also promote itsfront- and back-end storage systems for PV-module production lines. They can decouple individual production processes without affecting the line production cycle.

BBG GmbH & Co KG will present its Solar-PUR-Flush technology for solar module production in Hall 11/B26.The technology addresses the fastening of insert, connecting and electronic parts to the plastic frame by means of a foam. As a result, the frame is flush with the module. This eliminates dirt particles, prevents damage and corrosion, and maximizes the customer's energy gain, according to the release. At glasstec and solarpeq 2010, BBG also will present the world's first high-insulation standard window with a PUR frame and profile core, as well as corresponding manufacturing technology.

Visitors to the Bystronic glassbooth in Hall 14/D24will be able to learn more about how the company has made ecological issues one of its priorities.Bystronic glass integrates all three stages of the value-added chain into environmentally friendly concepts for customers and their own production process. The company also will present some technical innovations in a "Top-Secret" closed area, only accessible to invited or registered guestsaccompanied by the Bystronic glass sales staff.

Additional information is available at www.vdma.com/glass.

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