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Glass unions want to stage protest over wages at BCT plants

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Prague, Oct 9 (CTK) - Czech ceramics and glass industry unions want to stage a protest on October 23 over wages at closed glass makers Sklo Bohemia and Sklarny Bohemia from the Bohemia Crystalex Trading (BCT) group, the unions' head Vladimir Kubinec told CTK Thursday.

Staff at Sklo Bohemia and Sklarny Bohemia will not probably receive their wages for September as the companies' accounts are blocked, unions said. The BCT group has been in insolvency proceedings owing to lack of operating capital since September 22.

The unions want to hold the protest at 11:00 a.m. in front of the Government Office in Prague.

Sklo Bohemia and Sklarny Bohemia have closed down and their future fate will be decided on by receivers. BCT spokesman Karel Samec has told CTK the companies' owners are holding talks with banks about the resources for the wages.

Production in Crystalex Novy Bor and Sklarny Kavalier Sazava, BCT's other units, still continues. Staff at Crystalex received their wages today. Employees of Sklarny Kavalier as well as parent company Bohemia Crystalex Trading (BCT) will get wages on Friday.

If Sklo Bohemia and Sklarny Bohemia staff receive their wages, Kubinec is ready to cancel the protest. But he said he was convinced there will not be money for the wage payment.

The aim of the protest is to draw the public's attention to the approach of the state as the owner to the situation in the glass group, said Kubinec.

The protest should also attract attention to the bad position of the staff in the insolvency proceedings, he added.

Glass industry unions already called on the state and banks to change their attitudes when financing the BCT group in September.

Banks should unblock accounts to enable the financing of the group's basic operation and the Finance Ministry should immediately take an active role in finding solution to the situation, unions said.

But Finance Minster Miroslav Kalousek said several times any form of intervention from the state is out of the question as it would qualify as public support.

Around 7,000 people would lose their jobs if BCT and related company Porcela Plus collapsed. Sklo Bohemia employs around 1,200 people and Sklarny Bohemia has around 500 staff.

Source: CTKAuthor: shangyi

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