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Casso-Solar Technologies purchases assets of Casso-Solar Corp.

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Casso-Solar Technologies LLC, Pomona, N.Y., purchased both tangible and intangible assets of Casso-Solar Corp., Pomona,from the secured lender, according to a July 28 release. The assets include engineering designs, manufacturing techniques and systems expertise.

As a way of cost cutting and keeping jobs in America, Douglas Canfield, president, Casso-Solar Technologies, has structured the company with strategic partners for engineering and manufacturing of Casso-Solar Technologies' proven process system designs. Savings that are being passed on to the customer have been achieved by moving the engineering and fabrication from Pomona, to facilities in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Minnesota. The systems will continue to be designed and constructed to the highest quality, affording long service life with minimal maintenance, backed by Casso's technical service department, according to the release.

Casso-Solar Technologies utilizes the acquired technology in the design of infrared, infrared/convection and convection heat processing systems. Medium and short wavelength infrared technologies are offered to achieve the best outcome for the customer.

Within the glass industry, Casso-Solar Technologies specializes in equipment for decorating glass, laminating glass with and without an autoclave, bending/annealing glass, rolling hearth furnaces and specialty oven/dryer/furnace applications. Dryers for continuous metal coil process pre-treatments, anti-fingerprint coatings as well as finish coats achieve line speeds exceeding 500 FPM.

The former Casso-Solar Corp. was affected by the sudden sharp decline in the economy, resulting in major reductions in the purchase of custom capital equipment as well as significant unpaid accounts receivable. This combination ultimately forced Casso-Solar Corp. to close its doors after 50 years of successful business, according to the release.

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