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Fenzi celebrates 30 years of successful business in China

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The Fenzi group, Italy,celebrated its 30-year operations in the Asian continent during the China Glass 2010 Expo, June 4-7, in Shanghai, according to a July 21 release. The company celebrated the milestone by inviting its most important clients and local authorities to attend the expo as special guests.

Fenzi China Paints and Sealants Co. product sales on the local and neighboring markets have grown hand-in-hand with the Chinese economy: a double-digit growth trend that mirrors China's GDP, on the rise after the slowdown in 2009. Fenzi was one of the first Italian companies to recognize the strong market growth potential of countries like China, according to the release.The Tribiano-based manufacturer Asian export activities date back to 1980, when it started selling Duralux mirror paints across the Chinese catchment area through its Hong Kong facility. The company expanded its presence in China since, keepingpace with the progressive industrialization of the country. Initially, the group focused on large cities like Beijing and Shanghai, with markets ready to welcome its products. Gradually, itexpanded its presence to the outskirts, which today are a fundamental, steady source of business for Fenzi.

The exclusive characteristics of Fenzi's products allowed Chinese manufacturers to offset any disadvantage ensuing from basic machinery or know-how and produce quality end-products right away. In addition, the company's success was ensured by excellent sales territory management strategies implemented, while the country was crossing a historical milestone, the Internet was in its infancy and logistical challenges made it difficult to provide technical support to product users.

“The great effort made in overcoming mental barriers allowed us to nullify the effects of distance," said Stefano Pozzi, general manager of the group for China, in the release. "The company's ability to understand Chinese culture, partially derived from its local employees in China, allowed the group to establish a strong relationship with clients regardless of their being over 10.000 kilometers away from Fenzi's beating heart.”

Quality standards, nearby technical, logistical support and relatively lower transportation costs were the fundamental keystones on which the Fenzi China Paints and Sealants Co. production plant was built and opened in 2006. Today, Duralux products lead the Chinese market (90 percentmarket share of all group products) and sales increase year after year. Duralux mirror paints in fact play a primary role in the Chinese furniture sector, one of the main exports of a country that scored strong economic growth last year.

Local demand for the Tempver ceramic paints the plant recently started producing for the Chinese construction and furniture sectors is on the rise. The company also sells Thiover, two-part polysulphide high-end sealants for IG glass to Asian professionals that are designed to meet the strictest eco-compatibility standards and guaranteed to comply with the residential energy-saving regulations China also plans to implement soon, according to the release.

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