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Nissan North America Approves the Glass Bot (TM)

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Northern California based Nelson Marketing, an innovative design / marketing company, is proud to announce the approval of the Glass Bot™ by Nissan North American.

Rick Nelson, Product Manager for Nelson Marketing explains, “We have been working with OEM’s globally regarding the trend of reducing moldings and peripheral attachments to glass parts in order to reduce both drag and weight to improve fuel economy in new car development. Most of these new vehicles have raw edge glass parts placed in close proximity to painted body panels. These installations are becoming more prevalent in vehicle design and require a technique and removal process that eliminates the possibility of paint damage that most current removal tools and techniques do not offer. Nissan North America has just approved the Glass Bot™ as a preferred method for removal of these glass parts without damage to the glass or the body paint system”.

The Glass Bot™ is a vacuum pad mounted wire-winding device that operates via a remote control grip, universally powered via a 12-volt DC source. The process involves placing a cutting wire around the exterior of the glass part, attaching one end to the winding shaft of the Glass Bot™ on the interior surface, and pulling the wire through the adhesive to release the glass part. The process pulls the wire inward, away from the painted surface and is damage free to the glass part and paint system. The Glass Bot™ is available globally through authorized distributors and is patent pending.

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