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JE Berkowitz, Lauren International companies collaborate to offer new product

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In collaboration with Lauren International’s Edgetech I.G., Cambridge, Ohio, Lauren Manufacturing,New Philadelphia, Ohio,and Lauren Plastics, New Philadelphia,JE Berkowitz, Pedricktown, N.J., has spun off a new division called Renovate by Berkowitz (RbB), according to a March 15 release.RbB offers a new, patent-pending technology that uses existing single-pane units to create an energy-efficient, triple-pane system without the investment of a full replacement. The system can contribute 7 to 31 Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design points and is manufactured by JEB to be retrofitted over existing glass from the interior of the building for minimal disruption of tenants.

“It’s the perfect product at the perfect time,” said Ed Berkowitz, chairman, JEB, in the release. “Renovate is up to 35 percent less expensive than a complete tear-out of a window system and is more thermally efficient. This is due in part to custom components supplied to us by Edgetech and other Lauren International affiliates.”

Renovate includes iDea Seal from Lauren Manufacturing, and a custom beauty cap and setting blocks from Lauren Plastics, as well as a custom version of Super Spacer TriSeal from Edgetech, which provides a seal between the units and helps to ensure optimal efficiencies and long-term durability.

“Super Spacer TriSeal is a proven technology used in architectural and captured glazed units worldwide,” said Brian Kress, commercial technical specialist, Edgetech I.G., in the release.“TriSeal was uniquely suited for this application because it provided JEB with a one-stop solution, including adhesive, moisture vapor barrier and desiccant.”

Renovate is designed specifically for commercial retrofitting applications, including office buildings, schools, hospitals and government buildings that have single-pane, non-operating windows. According to a 2009 study by McGraw-Hill Construction, energy-efficient upgrades will account for 85 percent to 95 percent of all retrofitting activities by 2010, mostly due to major legislative and competitive pressure to address climate change.

In particular, inefficient windows account for up to 35 percent of energy wasted in buildings and up to 10 percent total carbon emissions in the U.S. annually. Renovate’s unique technology enables building owners and maintenance professionals to make superior upgrades to improve energy efficiency at lowered costs and reduce landfill waste because existing windows are incorporated into the system.

“The stars are perfectly aligned for Renovate to be an immediate success,” Berkowitz said in the release. “Energy savings, CO2 reduction and LEED certification are all top of mind, and Renovate offers a unique opportunity to help meet all of these requirements at a lowered cost.”

Overall benefits include:• Improved thermal performance (takes R1 to R5)• Improved acoustics/noise reduction• Little to no disruption of tenants• Increased security• Certified dealer/installer network• Contributes to LEED requirements (potential to earn 7 to 31 points)

JEB’s certified dealer/installer network for Renovate goes through a rigorous two-day training program, and a certified installer is always present onsite to ensure the overall quality and long-term performance of the system.

Renovate has been through extensive testing, including installation in three beta sites. Third-party performance data and more information can be found at www.jeberkowitz.com.

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