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Glass Water Bottles Tested by the GlassBusters

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Surrey, BC September, 2008 Sesen™ announces the launch of

PRLog (Press Release) – Oct 14, 2008 – The apparent danger with glass is breakage – drop any one-time-use bottle and it will smash to bits.  The Sesen bottle is not unbreakable, its simply thicker glass with a great hot/cold annealing process that makes it very durable.  You can break it, and we did filming the GlassBusters, you’ll have to tune in to see where and when it happened.  Don’t miss the end segment – Will It Blend?

The benefit of the Sesen Solution is that it comes with its own 100% recycled bottle bag made from plastic water/soda bottles and if you do smash it, it will contain the breakage and it can be recycled.

The path to convert consumers from a plastic bottle to a bottle in a bag is communicated in our second video – Sesen Simply Refillable – A Video Instruction Manual. Spring stoppers haven’t been widely used in North America in the last couple of decades and we found the majority of the population doesn’t know how to open and close one.

The challenge to find a water bottle that is made from abundant natural resources, is safe to reuse daily, and imparts no taste on the water has been met with the Sesen Glass Water Bottle.  Make the switch from plastic water bottles to a refillable glass water bottle today.

According to the Berkley Plastics Task Force "Examples of plastics contaminating food have been reported with polymers, including styrene from polystryrene, plasticizers from PVC, antioxidants from polyethylene, and acetaldehyde from PET. Evidence was also found that acetaldehyde migrated out of PET and into water."

According to Tony Clarke, Inside the Bottle, one estimated says that 10% of the PET beverage containers are being recycled, PET beverage containers are th prime reason why plastics have become the fasting growing component of municipal waste."  Until there is a deposit on containers, consumers will not return plastic water bottles with the same vigor other bottles and statistics often quoted by the industry refer to total plastics recycled, skewing the numbers.

About Sesen Services: Sesen is the leading supplier of timeless glass water bottles for elegant green living. The Sesen Solution includes a refillable glass water bottle, 100% recycled bottle bag and ice blanket. The Sesen website is

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