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Government responds to glass prices ePetition

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The government has responded to the recent ePetition regarding glass prices. The petition asked for “the prime minster to instruct Lord Mandleson to investigate glass pricing activities currently being taken by the dominant glass suppliers to the U.K.”

The details of petition were:

“The dominant glass suppliers (all non U.K. owned) to the U.K. are planning to significantly increase prices (by up to 50 percent). This will potentially drive small companies out of business, raising unemployment, and driving up building costs in an already depressed construction industry. The increases are all of a similar magnitude, and have been announced in the same period. By these actions the glass manufacturers would appear to be trying to profiteer at others expense during a recession, with the UK tax payer picking up the cost.”

These price increases would affect anyone considering installing replacement uPVC windows, glazed uPVC doors, conservatories and the construction industry as a whole, according to an Oct. 27 OfficialWire report.

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