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224-story skyscraper would be high point for architect

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A Santa Monica architect known for his high-rise designs is working on what may be the ultimate "spec" building -- a 224-story skyscraper with green ambitions that would be the tallest structure in the world.The tower is envisioned for a man-made island in Abu Dhabi, if leaders of the oil-rich emirate decide they want to make a statement to rest of the world and perhaps one-up neighboring Dubai.

A conceptual design for the $3.5-billion project in the United Arab Emirates is under consideration by an Abu Dhabi planning committee, said Tommy Landau, the architect who created the design and is part of an unusual team of U.S. real estate players trying to get the ambitious project launched.

The building's defining statement would be its ability to create more energy than it uses, said Newport Beach developer David Kubit, a consultant to the project. The necessary solar power equipment doesn't exist yet but may not be far away, he said."We're close to new emerging nanotechnology which will allow us to create solar cells in glass curtain walls of buildings," Kubit said. Power generation from the building's massive curtain wall would be supplemented with conventional solar panels on rooftops, according to a Sept. 14 Los Angeles Times article.

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