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Specter to support Senate vote on pro-union bill in reversal

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Senator Arlen Specter, the self-described “decisive vote” on a union organizing bill stalled in Congress, reversed his position and said he will support efforts to bring the so-called card-check legislation to a vote.

Specter, a Pennsylvania Democrat who left the Republican Party in April, said he expects a vote to occur on a “modified” Employee Free Choice Act, which would make it easier for workers to form a union. “I will support that cloture vote,” Specter, 79, told a bloggers convention in Pittsburgh today, according to his spokeswoman, Kate Kelly.

The senator dealt the bill a blow in March when he said he is likely to be the “decisive vote” blocking the Democratic-led legislation. Since then, Specter has switched parties and held talks with other senators to rework the bill so that it can secure the 60 votes needed to overcome Republican opposition, according to an Aug. 14 Bloomberg report.

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