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MasterVisions Etched Glass Helps Customers Create Custom Etchings

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Minneapolis, Minnesota (PRWEB) October 22, 2008 -- MasterVisions Etched Glass Home Décor has made it easier for customers to develop totally unique custom etchings. It has done this by developing a new section of its website devoted to displaying the custom etched glass and custom etched mirrors it has etched for past customers. The new custom etching section lets site visitors browse through galleries of past etchings, such as family etchings, military etchings, anniversary gifts, wedding gifts, retirement gifts, and many more categories, to see high definition custom etched glass or mirror accents that MasterVisions has created from past customer photos.

Some of those custom etching designs have already become prototypes for new photo etchings. "We have one etch on our custom anniversary page that simply stops people in their tracks," MasterVisions President Mark Scott said. "It was a 50th anniversary gift from the anniversary couple's grown children. We etched an oval mirror with the couple's wedding photo superimposed over a large number '50.' We now get one excited call after another from people who see that etching and say, 'I want one just like the one with the '50' on it--only with my parents' picture and anniversary year!'"

MasterVisions' custom etched glass products have remained in demand even as economic conditions caused consumers to cut back on their spending. Scott said, "We've actually seen demand for custom etchings increase this year. Traditional etching processes aren't able to produce the depth, shading, and clarity that our high-definition etching does. Most people have never seen etched glass capture all the details of a photo before. So when they're looking for something really unique to capture a special moment for themselves, or as a gift for someone important to them, they've been willing--eager, even--to get something like this that really epitomizes to them what 'special' is all about."

Each of the nearly 100 custom etchings in 12 categories displays not only a picture of the etching, but also a short description of the story behind it. "We hear some really heart-warming stories from people who have us etch for them," Scott related. "For example, one woman wanted a custom etching of her daughter and granddaughter to give her daughter for Mother's Day. The granddaughter had been born with a serious condition that typically results in death within a few weeks of birth. The doctors didn't give the baby a chance of survival. But now, with that little girl three years old and the sunniest child you could imagine, the grandmother wanted her daughter to have a special tribute to the miracle that little girl has been to them all."

"That's just one story behind our many custom etchings," Scott exclaimed. "But being able to pick up the phone every day and never know when the call will hold another amazing story is what makes us really pumped about expanding our custom etched glass products so that we can be a part of even more wonderful stories like that one."

About MasterVisions Etched Glass Home Décor
MasterVisions Etched Glass Home Décor has created high-definition etched glass home décor and furniture for fifteen years. Starting in 1993, Mark and June Scott experimented in their basement shower stall to perfect a technique for photo-realistically etching photos and art on glass. Since then, the business has moved to its present studio near the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It has become the largest supplier of high-definition of etched glass home décor in the world, supplying catalog companies, retail stores, schools, and individuals with its special selection of etched glass art in either standard designs or custom etchings.

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