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GlasWeld GRV now available for repair professionals

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GlasWeld, Bend, Ore.,has finalized its design for a new the Glass Repair Vespa, a transportation solution for auto glass repair professionals, according to a May 19 release. The GRV integrates the power of GlasWeld’s G3fusion Auto Glass Repair System and fuses it with economical, environmentally friendly transportation and increased brand visibility.

“We chose Vespa for our new GRV because of its reliability, longevity and commitment to environmental excellence,” said Mike Boyle, president, GlasWeld, in the release. “Because there are Vespa dealers all over the world, our customers can easily get needed parts and service.”

GlasWeld has utilized the Vespa’s existing trunk to create an integrated storage compartment for its auto glass repair equipment. A customized vehicle wrap also has been developed that will showcase the auto glass technician’s brand, capabilities and contact information. High visibility combined with ease of use and low consumption help companies save on hard costs like fuel, while raising brand awareness and increasing the scope of their service areas.

By using the eco-friendly Vespa instead of an average car, fuel consumption can be reduced by approximately 58 percent and carbon dioxide emissions by close to 80 percent. By using the GRV instead of a car, businesses can reduce oil consumption, carbon dioxide emissions, traffic congestion and take steps toward meeting sustainability goals, according to the release.

“In the current marketplace, there is an untapped opportunity for glass service providers to connect with potential customers,” Boyle said, in the release. “We believe that the GRV helps to fill this gap, while leaving a light carbon footprint.”The new GRV was launched at the Independent Glass Association’s 2009 Conference and Spring Auto Glass Show in Florida, May 12-14.

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