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Major electical efficiency improvements

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Grand Rapids, Michigan - RoMan Manufacturing, a leading global supplier of AC and DC power supplies and related specialty products, introduces an innovative line of Special AC Transformers capable of improving electrical efficiency and reducing the cost of operation. RoMan’s unique manufacturing process maximizes thermal heat transfer allowing the use of smaller more electrically efficient transformers.

The smaller size allows transformers to be mounted closer to the work reducing length of expensive copper buss and improving electrical efficiency. RoMan’s new Special AC Transformers feature a fully sealed external shell that is highly resistant to rust, corrosion, moisture, dust, debris and vibration. Inside, the solid-state full epoxy encapsulated construction provides enhanced isolation, complete moisture resistance and stability at high temperatures. Available in single and three phase (both water or air-cooled) from 1 - 5,000 KVA, RoMan’s new Special AC Transformers are optimized for the rugged conditions associated with glass / fiberglass manufacturing, resistance heading and many common furnace processes.

Since 1980, RoMan has been on the cutting-edge of AC and DC power supply technology. With over 6,000 designs, available switch gear, specialty products / accessories and a staff of experienced engineers, RoMan can create a power supply solution to meet any configuration. For more information on RoMan Manufacturing visit

Source: RoMan Manufacturing, Inc. Author: shangyi

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